Is a Portable Generator Worth It?

Portable Generator for Home Use

If you’ve looked online you’ll see that portable inverter generators are pretty expensive — you can buy a cheap one for as low as $199, but if you want a high-quality model it’ll run you $499 to $899.

The good news is that there’s a lot of situations when it’ll come in handy — the primary example is during blackouts caused by bad weather or other disruptions. Big storms are the leading cause for outages in the midwest, while hurricanes and typhoons cause outages on the coasts. In some areas it’s an annual occurrence to be without electricity for days.

For those with portable generators, powering your communication devices is the primary reason you’ll want a good, dependable model.

  • smart phones
  • laptops and computers
  • televisions
  • emergency radio

The next usage of portable generators for homes is to provide electricity to areas that are unreachable using extension cords — for example if your home is submerged in water, you’ll want a portable generator to power your space heater or microwave.

For safety reasons, some gas-powered portable generators should not be used indoors or in remotely enclosed areas.

Portable Power for Outdoor Recreation

For outdoor recreation, there are times when electrical power can be very convenient. For camping, outdoor barbecuing, or traveling with RVs. Campers who need electrical appliances can bring along portable generators to power many items.

When barbecuing outside or preparing a picnic, a solar portable generator is a good option for basic cooking or heating. The larger wattage model can even be used to power multiple devices in a RV or trailer:

  • Television
  • Radio
  • Microwave
  • Blender

They are also a necessity in senior living as a backup-backup power source. This is especially true for senior facilities in Florida or other coastal states, where residents can not be moved, even during a catastrophic natural disaster.

Understanding Portable Generators

When it comes to possible portable generator usage, there’s a lot of scenarios where it’ll come in handy. Everything from home use, to outdoor camping, today’s models typically offer 240–500W of power, for 3–8 hours.

Here’s a wattage chart for consumer products.

Read more about portable generators at

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